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Within the state of Wyoming are some of God’s most glorious creatures, who have the right to tell their stories. The natural resources of water, oil and gas, as well as the wilderness and its occupants need to be recognized and developed.  Man and nature are able to coexist in harmony, each complementing the other in their needs.





  • HOUSING:  Fall River plans to break into this industry by developing 3-4 bedroom time share condo communities and offering vacation packages and activities  for those wanting to come and enjoy the beauty of Wyoming.  Family and retirement developments offering beauty, and modern housing are planned for several pieces of property.   The need for housing for drilling rig crews has become a need for concern in recent months in Sublette County.  Fall River plans to host housing “camps” –housing similar to time share condos-for rig workers in the local area on several of the pieces of property listed.


  • RECREATION:  Wyoming’s wealth is not limited to its natural resources and wildlife alone.  There is a plethora of recreational possibilities available as well. Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Golf, Skiing-Downhill & Cross Country, Snowmobiling and ATV/ORV are all possible venues that can be hosted on the listed properties to be acquired by Fall River.